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Aldeia NeuroBehaviour Institute specializes in promoting healthy behaviour and cognitive development in children. Our services include emotional regulation, cognitive functioning, and neurofeedback, which are evidence-based techniques used to help children develop the skills and abilities necessary for success. With a focus on behavior and neuroscience, Aldeia NeuroBehaviour Institute is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.

About Us

It Takes A Village


The word “Aldeia” translates to “Village” in Portuguese. An ancient proverb states: “ It takes a village to raise a child.”. At Aldeia NeuroBehaviour Institute we would like to form part of your village. With this in mind, Aldeia aims to provide a transdisciplinary approach to cognitive and behavioural well-being for children from all ages and their families. This entails taking hands with parents and professionals as we embark on the intervention journey. Established in 2013, Aldeia has since changed the lives of countless families.

The brain is responsible for all bodily functions, both conscious and unconscious. It processes a vast amount of information and can sort through it to use what’s useful and discard what’s not. It’s like our most advanced technology, guiding us through life. However, like computer programs, the brain can make mistakes and learn from them. It’s the central organ of our nervous system, with quadrillions of interconnected nerve cells and pathways. Every millisecond, 86 billion brain neurons respond to sensory feedback.

Aldeia uses a combination of neurofeedback techniques, sensory processing and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to assist children with challenging behaviour. Neurofeedback techniques helps the child to control their emotions, handle stress better, and focus more effectively. Meanwhile, CBT teaches the child to change negative thinking and behaviours to improve their overall mental well-being. Together, these techniques can help the child improve their mental functioning and manage their thoughts, behaviour and emotions more effectively.



Meet The Team

Chérie Schutte, PhD(c)

Founder/Executive Director

NeuroBehaviour Scientist & Child Interventionist

Chérie Schutte is an internationally registered NeuroBehaviour Scientist & Child Interventionist specializing in early developmental intervention and child behaviour. Chérie’s educational background includes a diploma in Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention, 5 years of medical school followed by a Bachelor’s degree, an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Early Childhood intervention from the University of Pretoria. She is currently completing her PhD in Early Childhood Intervention. Chérie has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and events including the Early Childhood Intervention Conference. Chérie specializes in child physical and emotional development through the implementation of an Individualized Family Service Plan, writing of medico-legal reports and supporting children through trauma, divorce and developmental delays. Chérie travels between the branches to see clients and provide assistance to the teams. As a mother of 2 boys, she is well aware of the struggles of parenthood, and therefore facilitates the Parenting programmes as well as the training of new NFB Practitioners.

Sumé van Aswegen

Clinical Director/Senior NFB Practitioner

Franchise: Johannesburg West & Northcliff (Gauteng)

Sumé van Aswegen is an internationally registered Child Interventionist and Behaviour Practitioner. Sumé has been part of the Aldeia team since 2018 and is well-loved by all her clients.  Sumé’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Psychology degree as well as an Honours degree in Psychology. She also has extensive training in Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention as a Behaviour Practitioner. 

Sumé forms part of the Aldeia management and coaching team where she provides EIBI training to the NFB Training programme as well as long-term coaching for franchisees.

Kea Archary

Senior NFB Practitioner / Education & Psychology Specialist

Franchise: Sandton District (Gauteng)

 Kea heads up the Aldeia Sandton District branch in Gauteng. Kea’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities (majoring in Sociology & Psychology), as well as an Honours degree in Psychology. Kea is currently also completing her Masters degree in Psychology. Kea has experience working with children, and currently operates her own learning centre. This provides her with a deep understanding of educational barriers, psychological challenges and the mechanism underlying the assessment thereof.
Kea has strong communication, business and leadership skills, and put this to great use where her passion is concerned. 

Alexandra Senyard

Senior NFB Practitioner / Education Specialist

Franchise: Johannesburg Northern Suburbs (Gauteng)

Alexandra (Ally) Senyard heads up the Johannesburg Northern suburbs branch in Gauteng, Ally’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as Culinary Arts & Pastries. Ally has been working with children for the past 11 years as part of her studies, but also ministry work and outreaches. She joined the Aldeia  Gauteng team in 2022, and has since become a valuable asset  to the Aldeia family.

Ally provides insight into classroom management and behaviour intervention into each child’s Individualized Family Service Plan nationwide.

Claire Bennie

Senior NFB Practitioner / Paediatric Nurse

Franchise: Helderberg District (Western Cape)

Claire Bennie heads up the Helderberg district in the Western Cape. Claire’s education include Nursing as well as Education. Claire has previously worked as a nurse for 12 years, of which 9 of the 12 years were in the field of Paediatric disability as Head Nurse. Claire also has experience in teaching, which combined with her nursing makes her the perfect candidate to head up the Helderberg District in the Western Cape.
As a mom herself, Claire is an avid special needs activist with a passion for making a difference in the lives of neurotypical and neurodivergent children. This makes Claire the perfect candidate to form part of the Aldeia family.

Anri Roeland

Senior NFB Practitioner / Nutritionist

Franchise: Lowveld area (Mpumalanga)

Anri Roeland heads up the Nelspruit branch in Mpumalanga. Anri graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Nutrition at the North West University of Potchefstroom.  She also completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education. After completing her Certificate in Education, she also completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Science.
Anri has a passion for nutrition and share a great interest in the connection between nutrition and psychological behaviours.
Anri joined Aldeia in 2022 and has since made a difference in the lives of the children in the Lowveld of South Africa. Anri provides insight into each child’s Individualized Family Service Plan with specific individualized nutrition plans for each family.

Nicole Greeff

Senior NFB Practitioner / Educational Specialist

Franchise: Cape Town (Western Cape)

Nicole Greeff heads up the Cape Town Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape. Nicole’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as an Honours degree in Psychology. Nicole has experience working with both neurotypical and neurodivergent children. This provides her with a deep understanding of educational barriers, psychological challenges and the mechanism underlying the assessment thereof, Nicole has strong communication and leadership skills, and put this to great use where her passion is concerned. 

Nicole’s experience in the corporate world has given her invaluable insights into the strategic decision-making processes, operational management, and the overall dynamics of a successful organization. With this in mind, Nicole strives to provide the best service Aldeia has to offer to both children and their families.


Our Services

Neurobehaviour Assessment & Programme

The services below can be used individually or in conjunction with others:
1) A full Evaluation will be done by an Aldeia specialist focusing on cognitive functioning, emotional intelligence, neurofeedback behaviours, communication and social interaction and sensory processing.
2) An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be formulated to guide parents and related professionals in the individualiazed process.
3) The child can be enrolled into our 6-week programme based on international behaviour and neuroscientific principles.
Add on: After the 6-week period, the child can be enrolled into an Aldeia InterPaeds Social Skills club to practice the skills learnt in the programme in small groups with the assistance of an Aldeia specialist.

Parent Coaching Programme

Parenting comes with challenges, especially when dealing with a child's behaviour like tantrums and defiance. It can be overwhelming and hard to balance family and work life. Effective parenting involves understanding your child's brain development, knowing their current developmental stage, and understanding their brain's reactions in certain situations. Using strategies that help in the moment can make parenting easier, while also preparing your child to be happy, confident, and resilient in the long run. Our 6-week Parent Coaching programme will prepare you to deal with these challenges and build a stronger, healthier relationship with your child.

Certified Neurofeedback and Behaviour Training Programme

Join our Certified Child Neurofeedback and Behavior Training Programme and become an NFB practitioner. Learn skills to assist families dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and make a lasting impact. Topics covered include cognitive functioning, neurofeedback principles, emotional regulation, sensory integration, alternative communication, social stories, stress and behaviour support, autism-friendly environments, and assessment planning. Join us today and help children and families thrive!

Online Courses

We offer a range of online courses to make it easier for parents to address their child's behaviour and development at home as well as assisting professionals who would like to include some of these skills in their therapies. We will also be launching our eBook on Parenting Hacks for Child Challenging Behaviour in June 2023. Contact us to find out more.

Aldeia Academies / Learning Centres

Our learning and skills development centres provide a safe space for children who do not fit into mainstream schools.Our experienced team employs innovative teaching methods that cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring every child's progress and self-esteem. Discover a supportive community where children can embrace their potential and cultivate a positive attitude towards education.

Autism Clinics

Unlock Every Child's Potential at Our Autism Clinic for Kids! Our specialized functional therapy programs, including speech and language assistance, sensory integration activities, and social skills coaching, are tailored to empower your child's growth. With a dedicated developmental focus, we provide a nurturing environment where children with autism thrive and achieve remarkable milestones.

School Readiness

Prepare Your Child for School Success with Our Gr. R and Gr. RR Readiness Program! Our engaging curriculum fosters essential cognitive, social, and motor skills, ensuring a smooth transition to formal education. Through interactive play, hands-on learning, and personalized attention, we lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

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